student work | history of graphic design

COURSE OVERVIEW // This course introduces students to the evolution of the profession of graphic design as we know it today. Students study the social, political and technological events from the end of the 19th century through to the present, learning the pivotal style movements, artists and designers. Projects were conceived to give students an opportunity to experiment with styles of those they most identify with. For the ‘Design Remix’ each student select artists from the early part of the 20th century to inspire work for a new topic.

> CREDIT | JUSTIN BARBER  [ Design Remix // Beggarstaff Brothers, John Heartfield ]
> CREDIT | CHARLES LOGAN MILLER [ Design Remix // Ludwig Hohlwein, Fortunato Depero ]
> CREDIT | JESSECA DOLANO [ Design Remix // Ludwig Hohlwein, Fortunato Depero ]
> CREDIT | ADAM ROGERS [ Design Remix // Beggarstaff Brothers, Ludwig Hohlwein ]
> CREDIT | SANDRA INCHAURRAGA [ Design Remix // Aubrey Beardsley, Ludwig Hohlwein ]
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